How to use Instagram for business in 2022

Updated: Sep 22

What type of content to make to train the Instagram algorithm to work in your favour

Instagram came in 2010, at that time it was just an ordinary photo-sharing app filled with selfies & pictures of food and dogs.

Fast forward to 2022, it has now turned into a full-on marketing channel.

You can now notice the features that Instagram has been introducing lately, prioritizing videos to compete from TikTok, business analytics, creator marketplace, subscription model, Instagram shopping, and link sharing on Instagram stories to attract traffic.

Whatever business you’re in, it takes a lot of time & effort to build a presence on Instagram. If you’re an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, to grow you need to know the platform inside out.

Relevance of Instagram in 2022

People have started drifting away from Facebook. Instagram is getting hotter! And the central focus is shifting toward increasing organic activity on the platform.

If you want to grow on Instagram in 2022, you need to focus most on 2 kinds of content which are

  • Carousels

  • Reels

Use carousels to:

  • Tell a story

  • Share some highly valuable info. Step by step

  • Show off the details of your product

  • Create how-to carousels to teach something

  • Highlight some important data or share some testimonials

Using carousels for these things will drive more engagement & shares.

Instagram mostly promotes reels that are short & fun. If you want to grow with reels on Instagram then don’t just stick to one type of long-form talking reels.

Include reels that are entertaining, can make people laugh, grab attention faster or have a surprise element in them.

You can’t directly get sales from Instagram in the beginning, to do that you need to keep investing in the platform, consistently optimizing your content, network with the impactors, the promoters, and the experts & work on building a social media sales funnel.

However, the most effective change that businesses have seen by using Instagram is an increase in exposure & traffic for their businesses. Which ultimately leads to increased sales.

According to a report by social media examiner, businesses who’ve been on social media for 2 years have seen an increase in sales.

And businesses who’ve been for 1 year have seen an increase in exposure.

What kind of businesses are best suited for Instagram?

There is no such thing as only some businesses can market on Instagram like makeup, travel, fashion, or food.

Although as per insights it is favourable when you have a personal brand or expertise in something because it’s easier to sell that way because people don’t easily trust faceless brands.

But if you can create engaging content that’ll stick with your audience then you’re good to go!

If we look at the audience you want to tap in then,

  • Users under age 35 make up more than 70% of active accounts

  • 72% of teenagers use Instagram (second only to YouTube)

  • 71% are young adults (ages 18–24)

  • 21% of 50- to 64-year-olds

  • According to the Instagram users by country, in January 2022, India had a total of 230.25 million Instagram users,

  • The US had 159.75 million users, and Brazil had 119.45 million.

  • On the other hand, Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey ranked in fourth, fifth, and sixth positions, respectively.

Instagram is a visual platform. You’ll need to put out more videos of your business since Instagram has made it very clear that it’s no longer a photo-sharing app.

Instagram algorithm 2022

If you want to get more reach & engagement then you need to train the algorithm to work for you. Instagram's algorithm has changed several times and it always will in the future but that means that you should always be experimenting with all sorts of content and strategies to get yourself in front of your audience.

This is how the Instagram algorithm works in 2022

It relies on 3 key signals:

  1. What: what kind of content do you engage with most. Suppose you like gym-related or bodybuilding content then Instagram will show you more of that content.

  2. Who: the algorithm detects who you engage with most. If there’s a creator who you engage with most then you’ll mostly see their content on your feed.

  3. When: This focuses on when a post has been posted to decide if it's relevant to you." It also takes into consideration how often you scroll on the app — so it will pick and choose what to prioritize.

There’s a myth that Instagram shows your content to only 10% of the audience. It’s not true, if you keep scrolling you can see all the recent posts of people you follow on Instagram. What shows up on the top depends on the above 3 points.

Instagram algorithm works differently for

  1. Feed posts

  2. Stories

  3. Reels

  4. Explore page

  1. Feed posts: some things that affect Instagram feed posts ranking are the quality of pictures or video, if there are any watermarks on it, what is the originality of the content, whether it’s copied from elsewhere or any other platform, and if it’s as per Instagram guidelines.

When Instagram algorithm ranks posts on your feed it considers the following things:

  • How likely are you to like that post?

  • How likely are you to comment on that post?

  • How likely are you to save this post?

  • How much time are you gonna spend on this post?

  • How likely are you to visit this profile?

You should include CTA’s like, click the link in my bio, let me know what you think in the comments, Save this for future reference, and hit that follow button for more content related (niche) so that algorithm will rank your posts higher.

2. Stories: Instagram prioritizes stories from the account whom you engage with the most. If you want to make your stories engaging then include engaging polls & stickers.

3. Reels: Instagram prioritizes reels that are entertaining, experimental & inspiring. Also, reels with creative Instagram elements like filters, text, songs & camera effects get more reach.

You can create long-form content in your reels now since Instagram has released its new 90 seconds reel feature because Instagram is prioritizing original content but short-form videos will never go out of trend so focus on that as well.

What kind of reels does Instagram deprioritize:

  • Blurry or low resolution

  • Is visibly recycled from other apps like TikTok

  • Is against Instagram community guidelines

Explore page: explore page ranks content based on your previous interactions. Your explore page is mostly filled with content from different accounts content that you might be interested in.

Again it’s measured by likes, comments & shares.

Hashtags are dominant in getting appeared on the explore page but it’s not the only thing. The Instagram algorithm also catches the words you’re using in your captions.

So always include niche keywords in your captions.

You need to understand the algorithm if you want to grow on Instagram and it’s always changing and evolving so you can’t keep repeating just one thing over & over again.

Although the niche you adopt for your brand will be the same, and it’s better if you just stick to one niche because it’ll establish you as an expert in that niche which will help you sell on Instagram later.

But the way you deliver your content will not be the same as always. It should always be experimented with to reach a max number of people.

If you need directions to grow your brand on social media then write to us at or you can also get in touch with us at @thethrivebiz_ just send us a message and we’ll contact you.

We specialize in content creation for brands and growth marketing organically.

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