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Reasons Why Animation is Crucial for Marketing

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Why animation is important for marketing
Why animation for marketing

What is Marketing Animation?

Marketing animation is a visual communication technique that is created by a series of sequential images, which are generally accompanied by text, sound, music and sometimes narration.

Marketing animations can be created for many different purposes such as to advertise a product or service, to describe the process of manufacturing a product, to demonstrate how to use a product or service.

Why Is Marketing Animation Important?

Animation can be used to create an engaging and captivating story. It is the most powerful medium to communicate your message, idea, or product.

The most important thing to know about marketing animation is that it is not just for kids anymore. Today’s animation can be used in all sorts of ways for businesses including video marketing, web design, infographics, and more.

Storytelling, Brand Engagement, Trust, customer Retention all these things fall under Animation
Why marketing animation is important?

Animation Eases the Process of Compelling Storytelling

The use of animation in business videos has grown exponentially in recent years, and for good reason. Animation eases the process of compelling storytelling and educates your audience on a variety of topics, ensuring your message is not lost in translation.

Animation doesn't just help to create a more engaging video, it can also make the learning process easier and more comprehensive for an audience that might not be receptive to reading long blocks of text. Animations also allow you to break up your content into digestible pieces that your audience will find much easier to watch and understand.

Animation Builds Trust Between Brands and Consumers

Animation is a powerful tool for brands to build trust with their prospective customers. In addition to being visually appealing, animation can also be used as a way to communicate the message in a creative and interesting way. Animation builds trust between brands and consumers by being visually engaging. It can also be used as a tool to communicate a message creatively and interestingly.

The reason why animation is such a powerful media is because it lends itself to an immersive experience that can be emotionally charged. Animation can appeal to many different demographics by using different styles.

Animation Drives Brand Engagement & Retention Rate

Animation is one of the fastest growing digital marketing tools with a retention rate of 98%.

Animation in marketing is not just limited to animated GIFs. It can be used for anything that requires animation, like an explainer video or a game. Companies like Unbounce use it in their landing pages to show live demonstrations and they also use it extensively in their A/B testing emails.

The most common types of animation are: scrolling websites, animated logos, animations in videos and animations in mobile apps. A recent study has shown that using animation on your website has a retention rate which is 98% higher than any other content type out there - which means that it keeps people engaged better than text or images do!

How animation is ruling the digital marketing industry
How animation is ruling the digital marketing industry

To summarise, animation marketing is an affordable marketing tool that will increase brand awareness and make your marketing approach more effective.

Many firms are capitalising on animation marketing, whether it's explainer videos, basic motion graphics on their pages, or emails or newsletters. Spend some time thinking about how you might include animation into your own marketing effort, whatever it is. You will not be sorry.

A marketing company needs to have a comprehensive plan with animated graphics. This is because they are the best at explaining complex ideas in detail.

Are you prepared for some animation for your marketing strategies? Thrivebiz has a solution for all your needs. From SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing to Video Production and Animations, Thrivebiz caters to all the requirements for our Clients.


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