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The Complete Guide to Retargeting and How it Can Help You Reach More Customers?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The Complete Guide to Retargeting
The Complete Guide to Retargeting

Marketers now have more channels and strategies to choose from than ever before. It seems like there's a million ways to get your word out these days, isn't it? The possibilities are infinite, which can make it hard to keep on top of different marketing techniques while balancing your other responsibilities.

With so many new options for social media marketing, re-targeting is an easy way to get your message across. It's like re-marketing on Google Ads. Have you ever done some web browsing and then come across an advert for a product that you were checking out? Well, it looks like this is a popular strategy, as many people say they’ve been swayed by it. We know that if someone has experienced something firsthand they are more likely to make the decision too.

Grow your business by targeting your most qualified customers using Thrivebiz.

We know how to retarget and can get you started.

Retargeting for your business might seem complicated at first, but this page will tell you everything you need to know. You'll be able to start retargeting your ideal customers in no time!

Retargeting: What’s that?

The principle behind retargeting is simple: you show ads that are related to a product or service your visitors have already been browsing. That way, you're not advertising to people who have never heard of what you do and the connection you want to make is easier.

The chances are that you may have seen this before -even if you didn't know it.

If you’ve ever seen a particular product after viewing it on an ecommerce store, you may have assumed it was a coincidence. But considering how advanced retargeting is nowadays, these ads might not be so random!

Retargeted Ads: How does that work?

Reach former site visitors by using cookies. This can sound a bit confusing, but luckily, it's easy to do.

Cookies are little files stored on visitors’ computers for tracking purposes. This can be used to "remember" and carry out tasks, like carrying out details about site visitors who revisit the website. For example, if you visit a site and it automatically logs you in when you come back weeks later, it might have stored your information using cookies.

Retargeted Ads: How does that work?
Retargeted Ads: How does that work?

It's really easy to start targeting ads on your site with cookies. All you need to do is add a few lines of code anywhere in your site and voila! Your ads will be targeted and will follow people around the web. When customers visit a number of websites and see that you're advertising to them on all of them, it is likely that they will want to return for more. These cookies will let you know when your customer visits another website with available advertisement slots. Your ad will automatically appear, reminding the customer about your site and how great it is.

Is Retargeting really effective?

Most visitors won't buy anything the first time they visit a site. The chances of them converting in the first visit are only at 2%. Want to improve your site's conversion rate? Make sure you're acquiring new visitors and bringing back old ones. With retargeting, you can remind visitors of what they've been missing that is relevant to them on your site.

Retargeting is also a cost-effective way to drive brand awareness. For example, if someone visits your website or stores but doesn't make an order, you can show them ads for your retargeting campaign which will help remind them about you every day. On top of all that, your customers will already know and trust you before they make their purchase decision.

How to Retarget your target audience?

Creating an audience to retarget People who spent most time on your website
Creating an audience to retarget People who spent most time on your website

The first step is figuring out how a retargeting platform fits into your business! There are so many choices to pick from and you'll want to figure out which one suits your needs best.

When you’re ready to start advertising again, remember to create audience segments that correspond to different people in the sales stage. For example, someone who only landed on your homepage and saw your ad might like general promotions about the brand. If a customer visited specific product pages and came back to see updates on those products or special deals, they'll respond even better.

Automating your ecommerce ads may sound crazy but it's something an expert online marketing specialist can walk you through. Once you've learned how to properly do it, you'll be able to create new ads in a few seconds - with much less manual work!

Creating an audience to retarget People who initiated a checkout on your website
Creating an audience to retarget People who initiated a checkout on your website

What to avoid while Retargeting?

Retargeting for marketing is a great way to reach new customers. Although there are concerns about it seeming intrusive or too aggressive, as long as you make good use of the tips outlined here, retargeting can be an effective strategy for your company.

When you're designing your site, try not to put in an ad for every other thing someone might like. The ads are there to earn some money, but it should not compromise the user experience.

While it's clear ads from brands will be important in the future, does that mean your customers want to be bombarded with them? Of course not. Stick to a rule of thumb and limit each customer to about 15-20 ads per month.

Another common mistake is to keep showing ads after people have bought the item. As you added that new line of code to your product page, you can add a line of code to the checkout or thank page that will stop your user from seeing your ads again. This means less wasted money that goes to people that aren't interested in your market.

Do you want to start using retargeting on your website?

If your business needs help with retargeting, Thrivebiz is here for you. Our team is full of experts and we're passionate about creating successful campaigns! Contact us to learn more about how you can reach old visitors and boost conversions.

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