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The impact of digital marketing on business growth

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”Tom Fishburne

Digital marketing has a profound impact on the growth of a business. It is a cost-effective, time-efficient and effective way to reach out to the target audience.

It is a powerful channel that can help increase the growth of a company’s product line. There are many ways that digital marketing can be utilized to create strong connections with customers, such as social media and influencer marketing.

Digital marketing channels are the most common mode of marketing for businesses today. While social media marketing channels are the most popular form of digital marketing, there are other avenues too - display advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

A strong Internet presence can benefit every organization's growth. As a business grows, an online presence provides more opportunities for business retention, competition, brand awareness and development.

Building a brand

If a company can deliver on its promise to its target audience, then it plays a very important role in building brand reputation. This will help build the trust of the end-user. And improve customer relations.

No matter the size of your business, digital media marketing solutions can help any business build a strong and trustworthy brand.


Small and medium-sized enterprises do not have a large number of funds for different sales channels. TV advertising is very expensive, as are posters and print ads.

Not all companies can spend so much money on marketing their business, especially a small business. This is where digital advertising plays an important role. A digital marketing plan is a low capital investment that allows you to reach a wider audience at a lower cost.

Increase revenue

how to generate revenue

An effective marketing campaign can bring high conversion rates and ultimately help the company create higher revenue.

The revenue generated by the digital marketing plan is much higher than that of various traditional marketing channels.

Let's travel the world

Companies with a clear and well-thought-out digital marketing strategy can reach millions of smartphone and tablet users.

Anyone who uses the Internet in any way is a potential customer of your company.

According to existing statistics, almost 75% of Google Chrome users can now access the Internet through mobile devices.

Provides conversions

Companies that sell products and services online measure success by the percentage of inbound traffic that converts into potential customers, subscribers, or sales, depending on the expected goals of their websites.

If there is no conversion, all your traffic will be meaningless and all your marketing efforts will be wasted.

Connect with your target audience

how to target audience

One of the reasons for digital. marketing is the ability of online marketing tools to interact with specific audiences in real-time.

All engagement levels are what your customers expect when interacting with your brand or company.

winning people’s trust

Digital marketing is built on current online trends that focus more on social media signals that are the result of direct and personalized interactions between a brand or company and its target audience .

In Nielsen’s global online consumer survey of 25,000 consumers in at least 50 countries/regions,90% of respondents said that if information about a particular brand, product or service comes from someone they know, they Will trust this information.

Still confused? How to use the new age technology to grow your business. With thriveBiz on board, we will assist you in making your business thrive by providing you custom made marketing strategies.

ThriveBiz is a 360 Degree – digital solution provider for all your business needs to grow digitally and increase revenue.




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